4 of the best ‘Merican Movies to watch on the Fourth of July


Ah, the Fourth of July. The epitome of everything we love about summer. Barbecue, swimsuits, fireworks, and most importantly- ‘Merica. If your like me you like to host or be apart of a nice gathering, but during the whole weekend you may have some downtime. I decided to put together a list of four (see what I did there?) Movies that will be perfect to keep on your big screen to celebrate the holiday.

1. Independence Day


Let’s start with the most obvious one. Independence Day aka ID4 was one of the best Sci-Fi hits of 90’s. For those who have never seen it (and why the hell haven’t you?) it’s about aliens who arrive around the world and attack us on Independence Day weekend. Of course ‘Merica don’t play that s*@t, so on the Fourth of July we  strike back. Who would have thought a movie called Independence Day would feature aliens, fighter pilots, destruction of American landmarks, Will Smith, and a stripper wife. Besides having some of the best marketing a summer movie could have, it has everything a crowd pleasing action movie should have, including one of the best damn unity speeches ever given on film, and this guy:

The Greatest Salute in history.



In one of the better Die Hard sequels, Bruce Willis battles Cyber terrorist, and mercenaries on the Fourth of July. It has plenty of old school ass whooping, as all American John McClane continues his string of bad luck and saves the day. As far as I am concerned, this was the last movie of the franchise that felt fresh. And what screams “Merica!” than driving a cop car up into to a French mercenarie’s friggin’ helicopter?!




This is a turn for a more comedic over the top patriotism. Team America was a great parody on American culture and Militarization as the ‘World Police’ battle North Korean terrorists. No one is safe as this puppet action comedy takes on political figures, celebrities, and the War on Terror. And the theme song is secretly America’s second national anthem.



Now for those who will be spending time with loved ones that like their Fourth of July movies more subtle, and without the explosions, watch this American classic. Tom Hanks plays a simple man that takes place in some of the most remarkable moments in American history. Forrest Gump just proves that this really is the land of free and opportunity, if you just do what you know is right and pay no mind to how people judge you. He represents the American underdog in the best way, and he is one of the best heroes put on the silver screen.

Me trying to find my purpose in life.

This will always be a feel good movie for anyone and everyone.

Oh and remember when I said there were no explosions?….

I lied.
I lied.

Honorable Movie Mentions: Born on the Fourth of July, Rocky 4, and anything Michael Bay.


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