Thoughts of a 20 something getting ready to become a 30 something

It finally happened, one day you’re graduating high school high off life, and then BAM next thing you know it your 10 year reunion came and went, and those fancy Air Force Ones you bought are no longer relevant. Now this in no way shape or form means life is over, it just means that it is time to take the training wheels off. People graduate, find a job they are half way satisfied with and then settle. They become consumers for their rest of their life and then never really produce all those dreams they had. Recently I have been making a lot of positive pushes with my life, I have hit that point in my life where I realized just how COMFORTABLE I have been and now it is time to press on. Doing nothing feels like torture. I honestly do not care if I fail at anything because lets face it, everybody fails at some point, but not everybody tries. When I turn 30 I don’t want to be trying to live the same life I had at 20. Let’s all face it, that early 20’s stage was not as smooth as we like to remember it. Everybody likes to pretend that phase was full of money, good alcohol, great style and amazing sex. But in actuality it was like a bunch of teenagers got out of prison and trying to blend into the world by copying what they saw on MTV. The drinks were not that great, the style could have used a little bit more tailoring, and just maybe some of those hook ups were more like an awkward sh*t show from American Pie” than hot “Boogie Nights.” And we all have that one friend that wishes he could go back and buy an Ipod instead of a Zune.

But people still get depressed when they realize they can’t stay and play at the same level they’ve been on. But that level is not for us “Soon to be 30” people, let the new generation have their time. Childhood was exciting because of all the new things in life we were learning. Now look forward to all the new things adulthood has to keep your life from being boring and the world has opened up now. Be fearless like that baby that climbs stairs at your friends house when nobody is watching. There is no one we have to get permission from. The kid gloves are off and now is the time for us pack up our bags and handle to business, to be play-makers, and game changers. Don’t focus on turning back the clock and reliving the good ole days. Those days are always up front. We can’t control time.  But all the things we can control now, can become absolutely great. Hands on that steering wheel, we’re in charge. Wow, It’s a damn good time to be alive.


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