‘Creed’ Review

creedThere comes a time when something you never thought you needed shows up,  and it completely knocks you out-in a good way. CREED the next film in the Rocky saga is the sequel you initially didn’t want, but it turns out to be exactly what you needed.

The film tells the story of Adonis Creed the illegitimate son of Rocky’s  late rival-turned-bro Apollo Creed, who was born after Apollo had that bought with the killer Russian Ivan Drago. Michael B. Jordan does an excellent job portraying Adonis, he is a young charismatic character that has enough street smarts to be taken serious as a fighter,  but also enough book smarts to make him likable as a person. Plus it does not hurt that Michael B. trained to look like a gladiator typically seen in a Rocky film. Adonis’s story is one many people can relate too, he wants to admirably make it on his own by doing what he loves. The story moves along at such a brisk pace that when we comes across Rocky Balboa, it feels more like icing on the cake than a necessity. This story is good enough on its own, but make the character apart of the Rocky saga adds another level of enjoyment to it.

Sylvester Stallone gives his best performance as Rocky to date. He is still the same old lovable tough guy from Philly that we stay connected to. But in this film Rocky faces a battle of his own that feels all to real, and will likely draw tears from the audience. I must admit someone must have been cutting onions in that damn theater because my eyes were getting watery as well. I hope to see at least a nomination for Stallone. Compared to his other body of work, Rocky really is a well acted out character. I can’t help but feel Stallone’s massive success with the character has lead people to forget that they are NOT the same person, thus robbing him of so much recognition he has done with building Rocky over the years.

This movie could have turned out terrible, but so many things about this story feel fresh and new, it feels like the perfect to continue the Rocky saga without trashing everything we love about the original films. And the fights are filmed in an energetic way, the audience I viewed it with were cheering and clapping as if we were watching a real boxing match. There was applauding and cheers in the whole theater, and after going to the movies for so many years, there is no denying how much the world still needs an underdog like Creed to root for. Do yourself a favor, see this movie.


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