Batman V Superman review: Dawn of a franchise 

Let’s be clear:The trailers spoiled everything for this move. But just because you already know there’s going to be drinking, doesn’t mean you don’t show up to the party, right?

So by now we all know the plot, so let’s talk about how it was put together, my only major complaint with this movie is that it sidetracks the main story too much to set up the Justice League movie. Bruce Wayne’s flashbacks, the security footage of other heroes, all these things serve the main plot in no way, and are just commercial breaks in the main story. I feel if you cut out 15 mins of this movie then things would have moved along so swiftly. Just when the momentum would get good the movie kept reminding you how badly it wanted to catch up to Marvel and have sequels (which it will despite some mixed reception). 

Besides those intrusions I really enjoyed most of this movie, although people looking to be inspired will surely be disappointed. These are not the golden age interpretation of the characters we know. Superman is just a guy from Kansas trying to do his best to change the world, but he gets tired of seeing everything he does turn political on the news. Cavill’s Clark Kent is a charming momma’s boy that protects his girlfriend. I love that, and it is something that will help people understand Superman more.And it is portrayed a lot simpler here than it was in Man of Steel.

 Batman is not the perfect kid friendly vigilante, this is a more bitter, and brutal Batman who is taking his crusade to a darker level because of the recent events in his life. Even though I felt the character acted too extreme in certain situations. Imagine Michael Keaton’s Batman, on steroids. Seriously, this is the most intimidating Batman ever. He has started a hobby of branding more severe criminals ( a child molesters being this one). In Gotham some call him s demon His first scene in a movie was the only time I got nervous waiting for Batman to jump out at me. It was one of the best introduction scenes of Batman.

Ben Affleck does the character just, on both ends. His Bruce Wayne is the sly spy detective we have now seen yet, and we finally get to see Batman training. I mean seriously, you can’t be a crime fighter without a good fitness routine. Affleck does the role justice. If anything it is the directors take on the character that WILL offend some people. I feel like they could have scaled back on some of the explosions batman causes, because I heard kids in the back of the theater question if Batman was still a good guy, which is sad.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was the directors choice, hate it or love it. This character feels more like an amazing Riddler, but is just an okay Lex. But he did not ruin the movie for me. 

Now a problem that hurt this movie for me was Supermans fight with Batman. Visually it looked nice, but I could not fully enjoy because Superman could have prevented it completely by revealing a crucial plot point right away. How hard would it have been for Superman to restrain Batman for five seconds and say “We can’t do this because yadda yadda yadda”. I felt that was more about the writers forcing the story than the characters actually behaving in ways that they would. And that is what bothered me with the last 40 mins of this movie. Too much go forced in. At that point we were witnessing moments, but not actually FEELING anything. Well there is one big moment i felt something, but it still comes and goes so fast that I couldn’t take it serious at the end. 

I enjoyed this movie, but ultimately some lazy story telling techniques in the third act keep it from being the greatness it should have been. This movie gets a silver medal from me because despite its flaws there are some great moments it got right. Btw, Laurence Fishburne is a hilarious Perry White.


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