First things first, DC finally released a comic book movie that was actually fun! This is film is not over filled with extra plot lines and brooding. This is the dirty dozen, it’s their Escape from New York. Those expecting the Joker to be a major part of the film will be disappointed to know that he is more of a presence for Harley than a main character that serves the story. If Heath Ledgers Joker was the Agent of chaos. Jared Letos Joker is truly the Clown Prince of Crime. I enjoyed his take on it very much, and his relationship with Harley is the comic book Bonnie and Clyde. If you go in knowing this, you are going to have a lot more fun. Will Smith is the main show of this movie, having carried many summer blockbusters before, he does it with cool and ease. And Margot as Harley steals the show while the rest of the cast gets their moments to shine with some surprising dramatic beats as well. The Second act does have a generic feel to its pacing, but I feel this is due to scenes being cut. A big step from Batman v Superman’s depressing tale. This movie has a fun theme, that even bad people can find redemption. I give this movie a really big Silver rating, have fun and go see it.


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