All I wanted was to eat lunch

A day in the work life with Ray.
Coworker Kev- “May my stomach has been upset and I was taking a sh–”
Me-“Look man, we’re cool, but we are not talk about poop cool.”
Kev-“Its just bro talk.”
Me-“Yeah, but I haven’t eaten yet, go ask Todd. He loves talking about that kind of stuff.Hey TODD!”
Kev-“You like to talk about poop?!”
Todd- “F*** yeah, best part of my day. I use the squatty potty and oh-my-god it changed my life.”
Coworker Ryan steps in.
Ryan-“I remember seeing that commercial, 35 degree angle is how we’re supposed to poop”
Me-“I like to use flushable wipes.”
2 more coworkers join in and create an inner circle discussing bathroom habits for 10 mins. This is adulthood.


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