What to do when it feels like life just keeps taking..

What do you do when it feels like you’re losing more than you’re gaining. That’s what I’ve asked myself this season. Don’t worry I’m not dragging a piano across town Bruno Mars style but with the hindsight of this year, a lot of us may be wondering just what the hell is going on? And it’s okay to ask these things. I consider myself a positive person but even I don’t have too much pride to say I’ve really experienced the lowest of holiday loneliness. I will not say depression but if that’s something thats been crossing your mind, have no shame in seeking help. I  know I’m not the only one out there who felt it. We all have something that really left a void that grew this holiday. Maybe you felt isolation from far away loved ones, or the ex that moved on, the job offer that didn’t call you back, or career you dreamed of not taking off as planned…or the unexpected passing away of someone. Social media makes it harder when you see these perfect lives who have it all together but that’s just the highlight reel, it never tells the full story. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not a fluke, you are not ugly, you are not irrelevant. You just aren’t crop, filtered and edited like everyone else. To make it even tougher the past year has taken away so many legends- the Star Man Bowie, the Greatest of all time Ali, The artist formerly known as Prince, and now…our Princess-THE REBEL Princess- Carrie Fisher. In a society that constantly wants to put us in a box, they set us free when they tore it to pieces for us. When people we love die or move on, we grieve for us more than them. Because it is so overwhelming to admit that we never thought we would lose those people, opportunities and relationships. Because they were such a constant presence in our lives that we may have been spoiled and slacked on our end in keeping the connections. So with all the craziness of 2016 I along with you, must remember: You can’t go back in time, but you can forgive. You can’t make others love you, but you can love yourself. You can’t have everything, but you can give your everything. And when Legends die, it’s not the end of the race, it’s the passing of the torch. March forward. I love you guys, let’s have a great New Year.


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