Stop the Inauguration Day blues

Listen up my peers. We read our history books, we watched the 9/11 happen on live television in school, and we knuckled up and fought our bullies, and we survived Limp Bizkit and Jinco jeans *shudders*. History tends to repeat itself because every generation is a victim of human nature. But every time things don’t go our way, we become just a step faster than last time. We bounce back just a little quicker. If we stop succumbing to every let down we may eventually find ourselves a step ahead. Nobody, no group, has a monopoly on pain, so start helping each other out a bit more. So if you want this to be the end, it will be. If you want this to be the start of change, any positive organization or volunteer work is just a google search away, and an act of kindness can happen wherever you want it. Hope for the best but be ready to right wrongs. No more victims. We act like survivors from here on out.


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