My Dad got hit on, and it was Awesome

So while visiting my folks in Georgia for Thanksgiving weekend my father and I caught up on some much needed father son bonding time. You see my father is a gentle giant. A hard working man with the mind of an account/salesman that rocks a pocket protecter, but the body the size of a old lineman with the arms of a man who could strangle you into judgement in 15 seconds or less. So he’s the perfect combo of loyalty and intelligence as my mother put it. While him and I were running errands at a grocery store we seperated for a bit and then met back up at the front check out lanes. My father stood there with a slight look of bewilderment on his face. As if some how he was trying to solve one of life’s greatest riddles- “Did I just get hit on?”

So I asked my dad what’s up. 

“I think I just got hit on????” He replied.

“What? What happened?!” I eagerly waited with anticipation like a gossip girl.

“Well I was checking out at the self check out, and this lady walks up the me and asks me ‘Excuse me sir, are you from out of town?’ I told her no. Then she said ‘Oh, well I was just wondering what Mr.Right was doing here’.”

Like a good soon I began to laugh at his expense.  Then I confirmed to him that yes father,you indeed just got hit on. 

“Noooo, really?” He said in denial.

“Well Dad, it is th burden of us beautiful men, how did she look at least?”

“She was younger, maybe attractive but she’s not your mother.”

This is my Dad’s life. Where being married and getting hit on by someone else is more of an enigma than an attraction. I have seen this affect happen to many men I know who have taken the plunge. As crazy as it seems with how busy as I am in my life pursuits, I eagerly look forward to the days where I am so madly in love in marriage and committed to my wife that I can no longer even process another woman’s attraction to me. This is my father and  I cannot wait to be just like him.


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