Being mindful of NOW

Dear God,

Help me guide my thoughts. My mind races. Everyday it seems as though I experience moments in hindsight. There was a time where the things I have and achieved now were things in my future that I wanted so bad. Yet after I achieved them and behind all the handshakes and cheers I could only focused on "what's next?".

Order my steps Lord help me appreciate the Now as a gift and not an inconvenience because this time is just as precious as any other. Help me appreciate the details of this world and the time spent with those I care for. Help me hear their voices and remember the details of their faces not through selfies and videos- but through my own eyes and spirit.

Help me appreciate the victories I have had and not reflect on the loses that would fade away with time but I keep replaying in my mind.

"Now" is not some moment I have to drag through to get to some "what if" future. Now is a gift, it is a victory, it is opportunity, the future is merely a second ahead of its place.

Help me rid my life of anything that distracts me, and stunts my growth and appreciation of the life I am blessed to live. I have nothing to prove to no one, there is no one to get back at, others are living their lives, just like I should to. There is no prize for "most days worked," "most vacations missed," "least time spent with family," and "most nights alone."
The greatest victory is peace of mind, and that is all I seek. Everything else will continue to fall into place just as You have done for me so many times before.

From this day forward I will be present in every moment.



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